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Design, research, and modeling to enable robust incentives and tokenomics

CryptoEconLab is an R&D lab working at the intersection of statistics, economics, and blockchain technology. We support web3 projects and decentralized communities with data-driven analysis, community engagements, and novel research.

We believe that cryptoeconomics plays an important role in coordinating human and machine activities in decentralized networks and it has the potential to unlock novel digital asset products and new investment opportunities.

What We Do

We work with various teams and organisations to develop incentives and tokenomics capable of supporting long-term growth.

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Previous Work

We play a key role in the Filecoin network by developing its tokenomics and actively participating in its governance process.

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We also support other teams with the design, simulation, and audit of their incentives and tokenomics.

Axel Cortés Cubero
Axel Cortés Cubero, PhD

Univ de Puerto Rico, UvAmsterdam, CUNY

JP Madrigal Cianci
JP Madrigal Cianci, PhD

Univ of New Mexico, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Advanced Blockchain

Kiran Karra
Kiran Karra, PhD

Johns Hopkins Univ, Virginia Tech, Northrop Grumman

Maria Silva
Maria Silva, PhD

Elliptic, Feedzai, NOVA-IMS

Mike McCoy
Mike McCoy

ConsenSys, Accenture, Blockdaemon

Shyam Sridhar
Shyam Sridhar

Ethereum Foundation

Tom Mellan
Tom Mellan, PhD

Imperial College London, Univ College London

Vik Kalghatgi
Vik Kalghatgi

AQR Capital Management

ZX Zhang
ZX Zhang, MS

ConsenSys, Ethereum Foundation, Bridgewater Associates

Our Team

We combine our expertise of economics, mechanism design and modelling with crypto-native primitives at scale. Our team has in-depth knowledge and global representation across the Americas, EMEA and APAC.


We are passionate about giving back to the community. All our research, publications, and talks are available online





CryptoEconDay is a quarterly summit bringing together Web3 researchers and practitioners. We share findings and lessons learned and we try to answer some of the most challenging questions around the topic of cryptoeconomics.

800+ attendees | 50+ presentations in 2022 | 70+ institutions

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